Unapologetically Black Education
Personal, world-class education at home for $10 per session
Unapologetically Black Education
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Our broad selection of live, online courses engage students from age 5 up to adults in exciting educational subjects that center Black contributions to the U.S. and the world.
What is Reconstruction?
What is Reconstruction?
One-of-a-Kind, World-Class Curriculum
Designed by diverse educators, for diverse students, our curriculum highlights Black people, Black culture, and Black contributions to our country and our world.
Small Online Groups
Live sessions led by outstanding young professionals, content specialists, artists, and other charismatic leaders.
Teaching Neglected Topics
Our mission is to help students see history and education in a broader context that resonates with their culture and identity. More James Baldwin than James Joyce. More Toni Morrison than William Faulkner.
High Quality and Affordable
Reconstruction pairs lessons from the best, and most diverse, curriculum writers in America with outstanding instructors, at a price that is 80% less than leading tutoring services.
Created by a team dedicated to empowering our communities.
Erica Buddington
Reconstruction Reading and Spoken Word Lead
Tamyra Walker
Mathematics Lead
Quintin Bostic
Foundational Reading Writer - Kindergarten
Kahleah Brown
Legal Professional
Nia Warren
Harvard University
Jeannine Dizon
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Kacy Vance
Brooklyn Law School
It's more than an education. It's a movement.
Built For You, By People Like You
Everything at Reconstruction — the reconstructors, curriculum, and classes — is designed for you, by people like you, who put you at the center of every decision.
Identity Development
Education is more than a list of facts — it helps shape beliefs and identity. We cannot leave such important decisions to indifferent schools.
Reconstructors Who Get It
Our Reconstructors understand the Black experience, how race permeates every aspect of American society, and how the magic of the Black community has influenced the world for centuries.
Things You Should Know
We read more Richard Wright than Charles Dickens and go deep into topics like discrete mathematics, entrepreneurship, and economics. We are not about what you have to know, we are about what you should know.
Live, Small
Reconstruction groups are never more than 10 learners with one instructor. All live, from the comfort of your home.
A Crew You Can Count On
We are a team that will move mountains to make sure users succeed!
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