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S.T.E.A.M. Nanny Workshop
(4 - 9 years old)
Course created by: The STEAM Nanny
Black History
per class (1 sessions)
How our Class Bundles Work
Bundles are collections of classes. Class bundles are designed to deepen learning on a variety of topics. At Reconstruction there are two types of bundles for you to experience.
1.Bundles of classes that can be taken in a specific order to build learning from one class to another
2.Bundles of classes that can be taken in any order you choose. Take one class after another based on your interests to deepen learning
What’s Being Taught in this class bundle?
Led by the S.T.E.A.M Nanny herself, these classes will engage shorties in activities that integrate the arts into learning about key concepts in science, math, technology and engineering. Classes are open-ended and encourage children to build self-confidence, improve their communication, cognition, and extend their self understanding and cultural awareness. Each class features a notable Black professional and culminates with a project inspired by their genius. S.T.E.A.M. is all about science, technology, engineering, art and math!
Classes in this Bundle
These classes can be taken in any order
Bubble Making Cubes
(4 - 9 yrs)
Enrollment Available
Monoprinting Crafts
(4 - 9 yrs)
Enrollment Available
Pipe Cleaner Circuit Art
(4 - 9 yrs)
Enrollment Available
DIY Geoboard Pictures
(4 - 9 yrs)
Enrollment Available
Oil and Water Art
(4 - 9 yrs)
Enrollment Available
Abstract Painting
(4 - 9 yrs)
Enrollment Available
Marbled Milk Art
(4 - 9 yrs)
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Bubble Making Cubes
About this class
Students will use critical thinking and problem solving skills to create three dimensional geometric shapes. They will design the bubble makers using pipe cleaners and straws to form the bubbles. They will develop an understanding of the contributions from Lewis Latimer, an important black inventor. The skills acquired during the project will help students apply information in new experiences. (materials: bubble solution, pipe cleaners, a pack of straws with 12 cut smaller pieces no more than 5 inches,1 container for dipping .)
Jul 27 - Jul 27
Wednesday2:00pm - 2:45pm
15 seats remaining
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