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Black History
Political & Social Impact
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How our Class Bundles Work
Bundles are collections of classes. Class bundles are designed to deepen learning on a variety of topics. At Reconstruction there are two types of bundles for you to experience.
1.Bundles of classes that can be taken in a specific order to build learning from one class to another
2.Bundles of classes that can be taken in any order you choose. Take one class after another based on your interests to deepen learning
What’s Being Taught in this class bundle?
These classes are designed to celebrate the history of the holiday and provide opportunities to discover your own special ways to promote Black freedom in your communities.
Classes in this Bundle
These classes can be taken in any order
Juneteenth verzuz July 4th (10-14 yrs)
(5 - 18 yrs)
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Juneteenth verzuz July 4th (10-14 yrs)
About this class
Holidays and celebrations have different meanings for people based on their various identities and circumstances. In this 45-minute class, students will experience informational videos about July 4th and Juneteenth then read a short excerpt from the The Voting Booth by Brandy Colbert. Students will discuss the two different independence celebrations and their implications for Black people. Students will develop their own nuanced understanding of Black freedom and how and when they can celebrate Black freedom in their communities.
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