class bundle
Boss Behavior
(4 - 5 years old)
Course created by: Diamond Emerald Skinner
Black history
per class (10 sessions)
How our Class Bundles Work
Bundles are collections of classes. Class bundles are designed to deepen learning on a variety of topics. At Reconstruction there are two types of bundles for you to experience.
1.Bundles of classes that can be taken in a specific order to build learning from one class to another
2.Bundles of classes that can be taken in any order you choose. Take one class after another based on your interests to deepen learning
What’s Being Taught in this class bundle?
Dream big in these classes that cultivate leadership in industry and society. Students are invited to bring their creative energy to each class session.
Classes in this Bundle
These classes can be taken in any order
Measuring Under the Big Top (Math)
(4 - 5 yrs)
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Kid President (Reading)
(4 - 5 yrs)
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Measuring Under the Big Top (Math)
About this class
In 1994, the UniverSoul Circus was established by an African American man named Cedric Walker. He had a vision of creating a circus featuring talented Black performers. Throughout this unit students will use different aspects of the UniverSoul Circus to learn about the customary and metric system, appropriate units of measure and converting measurements. Let’s have fun measuring under the bigtop!
Jul 11 - Aug 10
Tuesdays6:00pm - 6:45pm
Thursdays6:00pm - 6:45pm
15 seats remaining
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