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Algo-rhythms (11-12 yrs)
(11 - 12 years old)
Course created by: Tamyra Walker
Critical thinking
Political & social impact
per class (Number of Session Varies)
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What’s Being Taught in this class bundle?
Algorithmic thinking is the seamless flow between interpreting, applying, designing and refining structured procedures, rules, and systems. It's the rhythm of applied mathematics and the cornerstone of Black liberation, Black wealth, and Black innovation. In this course, students will use problem-based learning to deeply understand and apply mathematical procedures and concepts. Specific content emphasis will be placed on rates and proportional reasoning, algebraic thinking, and function models. We will solve problems in social justice as well as science and technology.
Classes in this Bundle
These classes can be taken in any order
A Night at an HBCU Football Game
(11 - 12 yrs)
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Running for Black Lives
(11 - 12 yrs)
Pre-Registration Available
Making Dollars Makes Sense
(11 - 12 yrs)
Pre-Registration Available
A Night at an HBCU Football Game
About this class
Learn how to use mathematics—specifically positive and negative integers, rational numbers, ratio/rates, and inequalities—to represent various real-world contexts. Students will use the familiar context of an HBCU football game to deepen their understanding of how various types of numbers are used in everyday life.
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