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Black Shakespeare
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Black History
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What’s Being Taught in this class bundle?
Developed by the Folger Shakespeare Library, this course delves into the intersection between African-American life and Shakespeare, from stage productions to personal and academic encounters with the texts. Students will examine some of the many ways that Black Americans have encountered, responded to, taken ownership of, and sometimes turned away from Shakespeare's words.
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You Are a Black Shakespeare Actor
(14 - 18 yrs)
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The Colonizer - Who, Why, and Resist!
(14 - 18 yrs)
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Shakespeare and Racist Violence?! You Bet!
(14 - 18 yrs)
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Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Othello's Story?
(14 - 18 yrs)
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You Are a Black Shakespeare Actor
About this class
This unit engages students in a lively deep dive into the rich intellectual and theater history shared by Black Americans and Shakespeare—from 1825 through the present day--with a focus on key scenes from Macbeth. They will work directly with text, using the highly successful (and interactive and loud!) Folger Method. At the same time students learn exciting pieces of their own history that are most often unshared or unknown, and consider these accomplishments in light of the stifling power of the white worlds of theater and of Shakespeare. Along the way, they will encounter Ira Aldridge, Orson Well’s Voodoo Macbeth, DuBois’ The Color Line, and current Black Shakespeare productions. They will meet the African American scholar-teacher teams who created the unit. We want students to be surprised, to learn about a world in which they have a place to own Macbeth, and to leave with the ability to ask key questions such as how Black people have been/are perceived and how Black bodies have been/are used.
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